Win a gamescom Fast Pass with Uplay!
  • Win a gamescom Fast Pass with Uplay!

    30 Jul 2013

    The excitement for gamescom has never been higher with the announcement that the Ubisoft and Uplay teams will be at the convention!  We want to offer you even more to make it unforgettable, so we are happy to launch a series of events through which you can win a gamescom Fast Pass!

    What is a Fast Pass?

    In addition to your regular gamescom tickets, a Fast Pass is a bracelet that allows you to access quickly all the games available on the Ubisoft booth without having to wait in line!  In others words, it's the ultimate gaming VIP Pass!
    With a Fast Pass, you will gain access to all our gaming areas, test our demos and meet the teams without having to queue with the rest of the crowds! The Fast Pass is available for the entire gamescom and can be used once at each of the Ubisoft games booths, no more. 

    How to win a Fast Pass?

    Over the next few weeks, we'll be hosting several different competitions, giving you all the chance to win a Fast Pass! Artists or Twitter addicts, competitors or cosplayers, everybody will have a chance to win this wonderful golden ticket that is the Fast Pass. Before AND during the gamescom!
    Take a closer look to some events we'll be running:

    Ubisoft gamescom

    Get creative: If you like to draw, paint, practice taxidermy or create ice sculptures, this one's definitely for you!

    Ubisoft gamescom

    It's an old fashioned quick draw: Got the vision of Sam Fisher and reflexes of an Assassin? Then this one's for you be first to spot the our teaser and click through for your chance to win!

    Ubisoft gamescom
    You already have your gamescom tickets but you're willing to do anything to win a Fast Past. OK. Prepare your most beautiful smile and meet the Uplay team at gamescom!

    Join us and take part in these contests for your chance to roll into gamescom as a VIP!
    Stay tuned to our website forum and social channels for more.